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11 December
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Panto Pandemonium Photographs

Please note that some photographs have not been published due to parental preferences.

13 November
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Anti Bullying Week: Random Act of Kindness

This week is ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ and the Sharks and Stingrays have been set a very special task! We are turning bullying on its head and focusing on kindness and respect. Their mission is to try and complete as many ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ as they can by the end of the week.

08 November
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Order! Order!

For our Term 2 hook, Year 4 engaged in a parliamentary-style debate to immerse us into the world of debate, controversy and discussion (which is our genre for Writing this term).

We learnt the importance of respect and tolerance of differing views, as well as how to compose a constructive argument.

Year 4 discussed some of the following contemporary issues:

  • Should unhealthy snacks be allowed in schools?
  • Should school uniform be banned?
  • Should Home Learning be optional?

It was a joy to see some of the truly constructive comments that the children put forward


Well done Year 4!

18 October
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Music Enrichment Day

Year 4 had their first Music Enrichment Day on Wednesday; the skills of listening, composing and – perhaps most importantly – appreciating music were enjoyed throughout the day. We learnt about the significance of silence in music and how pauses can determine the tone and overall pace of a song.

A particular highlight was when Year 4 composed their own pieces using notation grids! What a great day enjoyed by all!


04 October
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Harvest 2018

03 October
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Karl Nova – Wordsmith and Avid Beatmaker

Today the school was visited by the very cool Karl Nova.

Karl is a Hip Hop artist, author and poet. He is the winner of CLiPPA 2018 for Rhythm and Poetry, his first published collection. Born and raised in London as well as Lagos, Karl is a social commentator, creative writing workshop facilitator, broadcaster and cultural critic who creates platforms for other artists as he seeks to uplift, inform and inspire through this artistic expression. Apart from being a wordsmith and energetic live performer, Karl Nova is an avid beatmaker and learnt a lot from Mr Goodeal during his time at our school.

26 September
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Harvest Festival Rehearsals Beginning!

Today we began our rehearsals for the Harvest Festival next week!

02 July
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Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Last week marked our 3rd Geography Enrichment of the academic year. Themed around the concept of looking after our environment and the shared responsibilities we all hold, Sandgate Primary School was ‘Lunging for Litter’ in order to do our part for the planet!

As well as Geocaching with other year groups (a fantastic and exciting way for children to demonstrate their Friendship values), we were lucky to have visiting speakers from ActionAid, Greenpeace and ‘Save the Bees’ throughout the week; each talk discussed a different aspect of doing our part to care for our environment, both locally and globally.

Thank you to all children for their continued enthusiasm to care for our home.

Keep on lunging,

Mr. Goodeal

22 June
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Sports Day 2018 – Year 4

04 May
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