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07 February
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WW2 Radio Reports – Sharks

Today, the Sharks broadcast their WW2 radio reports across the nation!

I hope you were all listening on your wireless??

05 February
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Safer Internet Day 2019

Today, Year 4 marked Safer Internet Day 2019 by tackling the idea of consent and permission. We were also lucky to be accompanied by our Online Safety Ambassadors to were able to advise the children on staying safe online!

17 January
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World War Poo…

Today the children compared the diet of a WW2 soldier with the diet of a modern soldier.

They investigated using ‘World War Poo’… We also had a poo making competition afterwards…

14 January
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High 5 Gym Coaches

Although Mr James and Miss Green can teach the children gymnastics to an Olympic Standard… It is important to allow other professionals to take the lead. This term we have instructors from High 5 leading our gym sessions.

18 December
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Christmas Crafting

11 December
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Panto Pandemonium Photographs

Please note that some photographs have not been published due to parental preferences.

13 November
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Anti Bullying Week: Random Act of Kindness

This week is ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ and the Sharks and Stingrays have been set a very special task! We are turning bullying on its head and focusing on kindness and respect. Their mission is to try and complete as many ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ as they can by the end of the week.

08 November
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Order! Order!

For our Term 2 hook, Year 4 engaged in a parliamentary-style debate to immerse us into the world of debate, controversy and discussion (which is our genre for Writing this term).

We learnt the importance of respect and tolerance of differing views, as well as how to compose a constructive argument.

Year 4 discussed some of the following contemporary issues:

  • Should unhealthy snacks be allowed in schools?
  • Should school uniform be banned?
  • Should Home Learning be optional?

It was a joy to see some of the truly constructive comments that the children put forward


Well done Year 4!

18 October
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Music Enrichment Day

Year 4 had their first Music Enrichment Day on Wednesday; the skills of listening, composing and – perhaps most importantly – appreciating music were enjoyed throughout the day. We learnt about the significance of silence in music and how pauses can determine the tone and overall pace of a song.

A particular highlight was when Year 4 composed their own pieces using notation grids! What a great day enjoyed by all!


04 October
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Harvest 2018

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