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23 November
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Melt in the mouth!

Today we investigated how a solid can turn into a liquid and a liquid into a solid. We discussed how the particles changed when they reached their melting point or freezing point.

We then explored melting points using chocolate.


15 March
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Cool Science at Sandgate Primary School

The outreach team from the School of Physical Sciences (SPS) at the University of Kent descended upon Sandgate Primary School to give an interactive Cool Chemistry session.

The children (including guests from Folkestone School for Girls and Stella Maris Primary School) helped to carry out experiments and test what happens to different materials after they are frozen in liquid nitrogen.

They also had the opportunity to touch freshly made vapour – now they can all say that they have had their heads in the clouds!

24 March
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The Bunsen Towers Mystery

Today Key Stage 2 were treated to The Bunsen Towers Mystery which took the format of a spoof Agatha Christie-style ‘whodunit’ with the children using their observational and deductive skills – both of which are relevant to the way science works – the scientific method. In addition the play explored the concepts of matter, materials and separation.

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