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03 December

A Spanish Flamenco Christmas Carol: Villancico de Gloria

This afternoon, the two Year 4 classes got together to celebrate the beginning of the ADVENT Season and develop our Spanish and Music skills. We learnt a Spanish Flamenco Christmas Carol, called VILLANCICO DE GLORIA (which means’The Glory Carol). It was hugely enjoyable as we started the session by learning some basic Flamenco rhythms, using our ‘palmas’ ( clapping ) , as well as our feet to move to the beat and dance.

intro villancico  DSC_1005     intro villancico verse 1 DSC_1006

intro villancico verse 2   DSC_0974

Once we had mastered the Flamenco rhythm, the challenging Spanish pronunciation and the song itself, we were adventurous and added percussion instruments to make our classroom into a ‘Fiesta de Navidad’ ( A Christmas Party).

Muchisimos gracias

We had ‘ mucho jaleo y alegre’ : OLE !

We hope you enjoy watching our video. You can also see us performing live with Years 5 and 6 at the KS2 Christmas Carol at the end of this term.

Click to see video clip 1: 038




One Response to “A Spanish Flamenco Christmas Carol: Villancico de Gloria”

  1. Mr Green says:

    A difficult rhythm to master and you performed it so well.

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