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23 February
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A step back in time with the RNBCR for Year 4…

Today, the Sharks and Stingrays were treated (thank you Mrs. Willis) to a visit from the Royal Navy Beachhead Commando Re-enactors.

They were brilliant!

They drilled the children in a number of jobs that the Royal Navy Beachhead Commandos (RNBCR) would have encountered in WW2. They included: semaphore, using a field telephone, marching and setting up a defensive position using sandbags.  The children also explored a genuine WW2 vehicle!

The RNBC also answered all the children’s (and adults) questions about the role of the RNBCR during WW2.

You can find out more about the Royal Navy Beachhead Commando Re-enactors by searching @RNBCR on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy the photographs!

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