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13 November
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Amistice Day- Our Tribute to Walter Tull


On Thursday, we came together as a whole school community to remember those who have given up their lives for us in the two World Wars and later conflicts.

The hour long service was led by our Year 6 pupils, with a reverential tone, in the school hall.


Each year group made their own contributions, with Year 4 pupils talking about and reading their poems, entitled ‘Our Folkestone Lad,’ in dedication to Walter Tull, the first Black officer in the British army and born in Folkestone, a hero of our own community.

Here is our own Year 4 Obituary of Walter Tull:

Walter Tull


Born: Folkestone, Kent

Died: Northern France (age 29)

Walter spent his early years in Folkestone, before becoming an orphan after both his parents died, and being taken to a children’s home in London.

He was passionate about football and was a star player for both Clapton and Tottenham Hotspurs.

In December 1914, he joined the British Army as a Private and fought bravely for his country.

In early 1917, he was mentioned in dispatches and became the first black officer ever in the British army. He was a courageous and strong-hearted man, popular and loved by his fellow soldiers.

He was recommended for the military cross, but never received it. He faced prejudice and racism all his life, but always stood proud and tall. He didn’t let things get him down and was an inspirational role model to so many.

In March 1918, he died in No-man’s Land, whilst leading his men into German territory.

He is our Folkestone Lad.

Our local hero.



This is Will’s poem in memory of Walter Tull :


“Have you heard about our Folkestone lad?”

He was one of a kind.

He gave us so many reasons to be proud

With his optimism and heart of gold.


“Hasn’t he inspired us in numerous ways?”

His talents were incredible.

For he was truly a hero for us all

Not revealing the sadness that he faced in a world of prejudice.


“Oh, how you should have seen him on the pitch!”

A fantastic forward, An excellent payer,

A role model for his and every kind.

He ran like a tiger and kicked like a Messi.


Then hold your head up all the more.

Our Folkestone Lad.

His kind, warm face

Showed the world a true hero.


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