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20 November

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we have been writing poems to make some noise for anti-bullying week.

Here is an example of one of our poems, written by some of our children:


I hate the way that you attack, when I am not alert.

I hate the way that you jump out, and throw me to the dirt.

I hate the way that you don’t realise, this is just not right.

I hate the way you have no idea, how I cry myself to sleep at night.

I hate the way you push and shove, the way you always tease.

I hate the way you laugh at me, and snort and spit and wheeze.

I hate the way you stroll and strut, you always seem so tough.

I hate the way you punch me, and I’ve really had enough.

I hate the way you speak to me, and always call me names.

I hate the way you abuse me, as if it’s fun and games.

I hate the way you enslave me, the way you make me ill.

I hate the look you give me, like you’re ready to kill.

I hate the way you tell the teacher, and always act so sly.

I hate the way you do that, because it always makes me cry.

I hate the way you shout ‘LOSER, LOSER’, it makes me shed a tear.

I hate it when you do it, it always stings my ear.

Bullying makes people cry and weep, bullying makes people sad.

People don’t even want to sleep, bullying is very bad.

They think they’re so tall, they think they’re so strong.

They think they’re so cool, well no, they’re wrong.





6 Responses to “Anti-Bullying Week”

  1. Jasmine Verkaik says:

    Alex T peom is fantastic,outstanding,brilliant!

  2. Jasmine Verkaik says:

    I love the poems.I think they were a FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
    I had a great day!!!!!!!!!
    Bullying is for bad people!
    Sandgate school can stop bullying happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder what the world would be without bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ak says:

    I think J V Y’s poem was best!!

  4. Ak says:

    I just want bullying to stop! We have got to have a school without bullying!

  5. livvi ralph says:

    I loved the poems I thought they were FANTASTIC!

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