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03 February
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Armadillos’ Suspense Story

Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed developing our skills in wring Suspense stories, using the Pie Corbett methodology.

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This is our whole class Shared writing:

          ‘Sherluck and the Stalking Snow Bear’

                       (inspired by ‘Zelda Claw and theRain Cat’)


The wind howled endlessly overhead. Sherluck trudged through the bitter snow and down the desolate alley. Icicles hung from the arcahic, Victorian gutters,as frozen flakes stung her delicate fur. Shadows stalked her every move, trying to coax her into the blinding blizzard ahead. Where could she seek refuge from The Great Storm?

At that moment, Sherluck sensed something shuffling closer, it was ponderously dragging its boulder-like feet along the snow-clogged streets. Stealthily, a vague shape staggered behind a dirty and decayed, centuries old pillar, camouflaged in its surroundings. Agitated, Sherluck was sure that she had glimpsed a shiny, coal-black nose. She could just hear the deep and penetrating breathing of her worst fears, despite the fact that the wind was howling and visibility was virtually non-existant. Her ears pricked up, in a state of alarm. What could it be?

Without giving it a second thought, Sherluck dived under a nearby, rusted wheelie bin and squeezed herself into a torn, feather-filled pillow by a wheel. It was still cosy and comforting. She could just peek a look at what seemed to be a menacing, maniacal bear, with its paws crunching their way through the drifting blanket of snow around him. Its razor-sharp teeth protruded through its enraged jaws. Power surged through each ponderous trudge it made. Sherluck shivered in shock, frozen stiller than a statue.

Between the wheels, beneath the dilipidated, toxic stench of the bin, Sherluck waited fearfully. Like an assassin’s dagger, the bear’s claws tore through the garbage-filled refuse sack right next to Sherluck. Closer and closer it approached, until the malevolent bear’s paws reached round the side of the wheel, where Sherluck crouched, vulnerable and trembling. Could this be the end for Sherluck?

Frustrated, she couldn’t take one more second in this claustrophobic space! Dashing out from under that rank-smelling prison, Sherluck darted across the treacherous and thick, black-iced road. She continued on up the leaky and ramshackle drainpipe, catapulting across the empty space to land on the other side of the park rails. Liberated! The bear had not followed, however Sherluck could still hear the haunting howls : a sound that could rip your soul out. Sherluck wagged her bushy tail in a brief celebration. She was free. But for how long?


 A Team effort: written by the Year 4 Armadillos, Term 3, January 2014



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