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19 October
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Art Enrichment Day 1

Yesterday, we spent the whole day immersed in Art for our first of three Art Enrichment days this academic year.

The Theme for this first one was OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING.

We began the day by taking off our shoes and drawing them for around 20 minutes, without any help. This was to see what we were able to do before any new teaching!
After that,we did a series of small sketches- drawing with our right hand, drawing with our left hand, drawing with our partner’s hand, drawing without taking our pencil off the page, drawing with ellipses, drawing with our mouths… it was challenging, but fun. It really got us thinking about what was important in drawing and how to develop new skills.

After this, we studied a range of TOP TIPS FOR OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING, which were really useful and got us thinking even more. Then, we drew the instruments we had brought in. Mr Sharp had brought in his saxophone too and he played it for us!

During the afternoon, we experimented with charcoal and really focused on light and dark, plus how to show shadows in our charcoal drawings. We had a chance to try a range of mark making techniques and produce one final piece of ‘finished’ work.

It was such a great day.

We can’t wait  until our next one in Term 3, when we will get to decide the theme for ourselves.

2016-10-18 11.44.26 2016-10-18 11.44.36 2016-10-18 11.44.40 2016-10-18 11.44.45 2016-10-18 12.21.03-1 2016-10-18 12.21.04 2016-10-18 12.21.15-1-1 2016-10-18 12.21.33 2016-10-18 13.54.31 2016-10-18 13.54.50 2016-10-18 13.54.53

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