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13 May

Demon Dentists!

In Science today, we investigated our teeth. We look into our friend’s mouth and also ate some food to explore which different teeth do what! Adults have four different types of teeth:

  • incisors
  • molars
  • premolars
  • canines

Do you know what each of these different types of teeth are used for?

IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0435 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0440

We then made a model of a set of teeth using plasticine and marshmallows. We were very tempted to eat our teeth!

IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0449 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0458 IMG_0463 IMG_0466

Did you know?

Sharks lose teeth each week. They get new teeth when they lose the old ones. They may have over 20,000 teeth in a lifetime.



Why is it important to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice daily?


One Response to “Demon Dentists!”

  1. Vikki W says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. L is really enjoying science this year. Thanks for making it so much fun.

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