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25 September

Diversity Story by Year Four Armadillos



Over the last two weeks, we have produced our own class diversity story, inspired by the Sneetches by Dr Seuss.

Are you sitting comfortably? Now we will begin;

Way back in time, the Long-Haired Samolians had hair which flowed down to their wispy waists, whilst the Frizzy-Haired Pugmies had springy, silky, Afros. Those fair-skinned Samolians spoke in muffled voices, however those purple-skinned Pugmies had loud, booming voices and always tried to dominate. You might think that this shouldn’t be at all important!

In addition to this, the Frizzy-Haired Pugmies showed off, by looking down and menacingly snarling at the Long-Haired Samolians. They said that they were far better at basketball than the Long-Haired Samolians and that they (the Samolians) were useless at catching. Those Pugmies really were malicious and spiteful! In contrast, the Long-Haired Samolians refused to retaliate and, instead, they greeted them kindly, gave them compliments and tried to join in. But all in vain! When the Pugmies had “disco nights”, they never invited the Samolians to join in and this went on, month after month…

Then, one misty and miserable day, while the Long-Haired Samolians were feeling dejected and left out, a steerage appeared on a roaring motorbike. She declared that her name was Lisa Lovechild and she had arrived to repair their desperate problems. Hastily, she constructed a very unusual, cranky basketball net. It cost seven euros to enter. Each one scrambled in excitedly.

“WOW!” a Long-Haired Samolian exclaimed. “We’re going to be just like them.”

“Yes, they can’t tell us apart now!” another replied joyfully.

The basketball yelped, shrieked,groaned and moaned. When the Long-Haired Samolians appeared, they had glowing halos on their heads. The Frizzy-Haired Pugmies were livid and insanely jealous!

“Now. we can come to your disco nights!” a Long-Haired Samolian cried.

Lisa Lovechild now came along with a crafty and cunning wink, telling those Frizzy-Haired Pugmies that they could still be the best and most superior for a fee of ten dollars each. She moved out and maneuvered her magical net and post and the Pugmies queued up to start goal shooting. As you can imagine, a few goals later, their halos were glowing. These Frizzy-Haired Pugmies now paraded pompously as if they owned the entire universe! The Long-Haired Samolians were irate and incensed, so along came Lisa Lovechild to fix them..

From them on, as you can probably guess, things got into a horrendous and outrageous mess!  For the remainder of that day, on that insane and blood-curdling playground, all those pathetic Pugmies and screeching Samolians kept racing around, paying out more euros, scoring ‘slam-dunks’ and gaining halos. They all became mixed up and anonymous! Lisa Lovechild, cherished caretaker, packed up her crusty, rusty basketball post and went to the canteen, giggling joyfully as she left, with her huge stash of cash.

We are delighted to report that Lisa Lovechild was quite mistaken as the Samolians and Pugmies got really ‘switched-on’ that day. They came to the wise realisation that whatever your hair style, skin colour or appearance, it is of no true importance. We’re all distinctive and unique in our own ways. And that’s ok!


One Response to “Diversity Story by Year Four Armadillos”

  1. Emily says:

    Great story it definetly gets the message out(it doesn’t matter if your different!!!

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