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20 November

Homes and Homelessness

This term, our focus is on Homes and Homelessness. Our Christmas play ‘Sasha Got Swept Up The Chimney’ is set in a Victorian orphanage, which has resulted in us linking our play to our Homes and Homelessness theme. As a result, this week we have been learning more about Victorian orphanages and we have written some short poems on the topic.


Homes and Homelessness- Life in a Victorian Orphanage:
                                    A selection of Alliterative Poems by Year 4:


A lonely life in a vile Victorian orphanage,

Mean meals of gruesome gruel,

No merry mothers and no friendly fathers,

Torn trousers, dirty dresses, black boots, cruel clothes,

Dismal dormitories with bed after bed after bed,

Chores that chill you to the core of your bones,

Petrifying and pitiful punishments of no food for two days,

The worst type of workhouse for weary human work horses.

by J


A vile Victorian orphanage is an odd place to live,

Frightful food called gruesome gruel,

Dark and dreary dorms full of uncared for children,

Abandoned, alarmed young ones who’ve been left to suffer in silence,

Revolting rats nibbling at their toes in the night.

by B


Pathetic, poor people who no one believes in,

Lacking love from friendly fathers and maternal mothers,

Lonely little children who’ve lost their loved ones.

Hopeless hearts searching for someone to love,

Desperate dormitories defeating lonely children at night,

Deadly diseases can creep up on you without warning,

Punitive punishments from menacing matrons and ghastly governors.

by M


Lying lonely on the floor,

Getting ghastly warts, waiting to be picked,

Sadly sulking and silently alone,

Nothing, noone, nowhere…not a flick,

Patiently pleasing others, but

Suffering silently.

by R


The chimney chills, cold unappealing meals,

Chimney places are no place for children,

Nasty nights and disgusting days,

We deserve one mouth-watering morsel of meat,

Dirty dustbins, filthy fleas,

We deserve somewhere human to sleep.

by F


Cruel, chilly mealtimes of gritty gruel and sickly slops,

Bumpy beds of bugs and festering fleas,

A lonely life, with a lack of love and life,

Pitiful and petrifying punishments,

Dismal, dreary corridors of blanketless beds,

A sorry sight for sad eyes eager to enjoy life.

by D




9 Responses to “Homes and Homelessness”

  1. Jasmine Verkaik says:

    D,f,r,m peoms are good,grate,fantastic,amazing,outstanding,brilliant.

  2. livvi ralph says:

    yes I love the use of vocabulary in them.

  3. Chloe says:

    These poems are really good and you have used some really great vocabulary

  4. livvi ralph says:


  5. Juliette says:

    Great poem J.

  6. Ak says:

    It’s a great poem! I love them!

  7. Lea Bibaud Coster says:

    I love these poems they are really good.

  8. J says:

    Great poem J.

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