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03 February
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Jaguars suspense story

The Jaguars wrote a suspense story- everyone contributed to the content during our shared writing sessions…here is the result!


The bitter wind grabbed the snow causing it to cut like razor blades, through the midnight sky.  Sheltering behind the steaming wheelie bins, Sherluck shivered anxiously.  All around noises made Sherluck jump.  Car doors slammed but not a voice could be heard.  How could Sherluck get back to the safety of her home?

All of a sudden, Sherluck sensed the smell of danger something was pacing up and down.  She was petrified, fear made the hairs on her ears and back prickle like needles.  Menacing shadows approached, almost touching her feet.  Through the darkness, Sherluck glimpsed fire like eyes.  What would the beast do next?

Without a moment to lose, she sneaked out so she wouldn’t be seen.  She tucked herself in through a small hole in a derelict shed.  Looking back through the hole, Sherluck could see thorn like fangs, dripping blood.  It made her blood freeze.

Hiding in the icy cold shed, Sherluck waited.  However, the vicious creature came closer and closer.  It’s beady eyes as dark as the midnight sky glared at the dilapidated shed.  Could it smell the scent of Sherluck’s fear?  Nearer and nearer it came.  Sherluck’s breath quickened, and she stifled a scream.

She could bear it no longer.  Frantically, Sherluck scrambled out from where she was imprisoned, dashed like a bullet under the fence, and charged through the blizzard.  She listened.  The low growl of the creature could still be heard.  Sherluck was safe, but would she be followed?


Which bit do you like best?

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