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25 February
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Our Trip to the Tower Theatre

On Friday 13th February, the whole of KS2 went to the Tower Theatre, our local theatre in Folkestone, to see Sujata Banerjee’s production of Draupadi, which has been our text and driving force for the Literacy learning throughout Term 3.


A gripping tale from the Mahabharata- an epic story at the

core of Indian Culture.

A story of ‘Conflict Resolution’

drap1 drap2 drap3 drap4

“I enjoyed it so much more having studied the story…I understood parts of it really well, but not all of it as it is a complicated story.” (Daniel)

I love the puppets because when I was watching them, I saw their moods changing, and I thought this was so cool…very talented puppeteers!” (Lucy)

“Seeing the performance of Draupadi really helped me to understand the richness of the Indian culture and brought the story alive.” (Lily)

“I felt it gave me more inspiration seeing it as a performance…it felt so real.” (Elliot)

“The most surprising thing for me was how amazing the dancers were and how the whole play was put together so fabulously.” (Fern)

We all had a GREAT time!

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