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26 October
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Shanghai Day – Term 1

The last Wednesday of Term One marked the first Geography Enrichment Day of the year; it was a truly memorable experience with all children showing great enthusiasm for the subject of ‘Earth Writing’ (Geo = Greek for ‘Earth’; Graph = Greek for ‘writing’).
Based around the most populated city in the world, the day focused on the Human and Physical Geography of Shanghai. A particular highlight has to be the whole school conducting morning stretches in unison, as well as standing to attention whilst the National Anthem played and the Union Flag was raised.
The custom of raising the flag and having school-wide stretches takes part in all Chinese schools, usually commencing at 7:30am!
Well done to all children for their continued enthusiasm for Geography! The next Geography Enrichment Day will be on 8th February 2018 based on the theme, ‘Who do you [Geographically] think you are?’
​I hope you are all looking forward to it,
Mr. Goodeal​
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