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20 November

The Armadillos at the Folkestone Literary festival

On Tuesday 19th November, the Armadillos went to the Leas Cliff Hall to listen to a talk by the author, Megan Dix, who is the Sunday Times Children’s Author of the Year.
Megan’s books are set during World War Two and concern the heroics of some of the brave animals, mostly dogs and cats, who helped us in our ‘Hour of Need’.
We are currently reading ‘ The Victory Dogs’ by Megan Rix , as our class reader this term.

It was a most interesting experience, listening to Megan talking about her books, her own dogs, her inspirations, research and how she goes about the stages of writing a book and getting it published.
Here are some of some of the things that the Armadillos had to see after the talk:
‘It was a great opportunity to meet a famous author… I particularly enjoyed hearing about how dogs can be used to help people with disabilities too’.
‘I enjoyed it because Megan explained the process of writing’.
‘ I really liked it when Megan told us about how she put the experiences of having dogs into her stories. I was very amused by the story about Bella sniffing out socks’.
‘The tips for writing a book were very helpful. It helps me to be inspired and use my own imagination effectively’.
‘ I found it mind-blowing… It made me realise how much I need to read to become a good author’.




One Response to “The Armadillos at the Folkestone Literary festival”

  1. Stephen James says:

    It sounds like the Armadillos had a really great time meeting Megan!

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