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07 July

Themed Fortnight- Week One!

We are entering our second week of our Creative Arts Fortnight, so we thought we would give you a run down of the best bits so far!

Last week we-

Had a visit from Miki the Clown.  He taught us some super-dooper magic tricks.  We went home and shared these with our parents.  Lots of them were very confused by what we did…but we didn’t reveal any of the secrets!

Fun, fun, fun...

Fun, fun, fun…

Issi works with Miki to perform a trick with paper-clips!

Issi works with Miki to perform a trick with paper-clips!

We also started to learn to juggle with three balls.  Mr File was able to break down the skills into smaller steps.  He said that if we speak the actions, for example “throw, throw, drop, catch” then our brain would work better and we would learn the skills quicker. Lots of us have been practising at home.

Ball control at it's best!

Ball control at it’s best!

The girls supporting each other!

The girls supporting each other!

Oscar attempts 2 balls!

Oscar attempts 2 balls!

We also created our own clown faces and costumes, as well as character descriptions.  Designed our own magic boxes and wrote a special poem about “My Magicial World!”

We are really looking forward to this week.  We will be Beach-combing, making paper, designing wind-chimes and tree hangings.  We will also have a visit from Indian guests to teach us all about Rangoli Patterns!


3 Responses to “Themed Fortnight- Week One!”

  1. EC says:

    I can’t believe the themed fortnight is finished, it went so quickly!

  2. Ollie says:

    Beach tracking today was AWESOME !!!!! I even found a bone,but no idea who it belonged to…

  3. Ollie says:

    I really enjoyed it,I can’t wait to do more!!!!!

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