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13 May
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          WORLD WAR TWO DAY: Friday 8th May 2015

We celebrated VE Day and held a themed day of stimulating learning across the school, which was fabulous! We all came to school in our character roles, ranging from evacuees and land-girls to soldiers and allied leaders such as Winston Churchill.

In year 4, our teachers, Mr. Sharp and Miss. Abrehart had planned a range of fantastic activities, which included taking part in a ‘Character Hot-Seating Activity’, cooking ration biscuits (Carrot cookies), singing WW2 songs to boost morale, producing some VE Day Black and white drawings , in addition to posing for a professional ‘Photo shoot’ of us in our costumes.

In Assembly, Mrs. Tait showed us the original Pathe news footage of the Victory in Europe celebrations in London 70 years ago today and then she taught us how to do the Conga, which was the dance they used to do in those days when they were happy! The teachers demonstrated it for us first and it was really fun.1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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