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18 November


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On Friday 14th November, we were lucky enough to listen to one of our country’s finest children’s poets, Michael Rosen, giving a talk at The Folkestone Literary Festival.

Michael talked to us about the inspiration for many of his poems, including his own childhood and experiences at school, in addition to the way he could see the same experiences through the eyes of his own children. He was really very funny and had us entertained for almost an hour, which we thought was pretty good considering there were around 700 Year 3 and 4 children in the audience in the Folkestone Primary Academy Sports Hall!

Michael also gave us a recitation of his famous poem ‘Chocolate Cake’, which had the entire audience in fits of laughter.

In Year 4, we will be reading more of Michael Rosen’s poetry for the rest of this term.



9 Responses to “Year 4 listen to MICHAEL ROSEN talking at THE FOLKESTONE LITERARY FESTIVAL”

  1. V W says:

    Lucky children! L has been recounting some of the funny stories that Michael Rosen had to tell!What a great opportunity. Thanks!

  2. Victoria and Florence says:

    It was great fun to see Michael Rosen.He was incredibly funny and enjoyable.(Victoria)
    Michael Rosen talked about when he was young.

  3. Erin Newton says:

    He is so funny it was a good day
    I liked it when he said he of a daydreamer and he imagined that there were six oranges and they were squashed

  4. Toby says:


  5. Layla Wilkinson says:

    Micheal Rosen had a huge humor and Made everyone smile personaly I think he is an older version of David Walliams[the comedian].I love Micheal Rosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Enola says:

    Michael Rosen is hilarious, I laughed my head off!!!!!!

  7. Tess says:

    I really enjoyed it very much
    I might even buy the book ” mind your own business “

  8. Layla Marshall says:

    He was so funny I would like him to be my dad
    I liked his story’s about his life

  9. Ollie and teyen says:

    Michael Rosen was so funny because he made everyone laugh and we love his funny stories because they were silly

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