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19 November

Year 4’s trip to Shorncliffe Camp- A recount

On Wednesday 4th November, at 9:15 am, the Armadillos and Giraffes left school on a trip to the Barracks at Shorncliffe camp. We took our time to walk there on a bright and clear morning.

After a while, we reached the checkpoint. The first thing I saw was a Gurkha  soldier, guarding the entrance with a gun in his hand. When we got closer, he smiled and welcomed us in. We all said NAMASTE as we passed him and entered the camp.

The Armadillos and Giraffes split into two groups and we headed for the temple first.

Shortly after, we arrived at the Hindu temple. It looked like an ordinary building from the outside, but inside it was a new experience… When we got in, we needed to take our shoes off. Moments later, we respectfully and calmly sat on the comfortable, carpeted floor inside. The Hindu priest, named Pundit Shankar, introduced himself. He spoke to us about the Hindu faith and also about Durga, a very important goddess that the Gurkha soldiers and Nepalese people worship. They pray to her to give them strength, especially when going off to face conflicts and battle. She is the goddess of war and peace, one of many forms of god that Hindus follow. There was a huge statue of Durga in the temple, weighing 300 kilograms and 180 years old, made of copper. Following this, Pundit Shankar let us ring the many tiny bells that hung around the inside walls of the temple. This is a way of praying. It sounded beautiful. I was given a tikka blessing on my forehead, a red dot. I thought it was amazing and I loved it all.

Following on from this, we left and walked down to the Gurkha Visitor Centre, which was outside the entrance to the camp. It was basically a museum, in an old church building, all about the 200 year history of the Gurkhas in the British army and I learned a lot. One of the first things I saw was the Kukris, which are curved knives used in battle. They were impressive. I found it interesting to see the guns, medals and other artefacts too. I found out how disciplined these soldiers are and what an important role they have in serving the British army. They are very brave and have a lot of courage.

When we returned to school, it was starting to rain, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. I will remember this trip that has taught me more about the Hindu religion and the role of the Gurkhas, who are great members of our community in Folkestone.

Written by A, Year 4 Armadillos


5 Responses to “Year 4’s trip to Shorncliffe Camp- A recount”

  1. Jasmine Verkaik says:

    I think the recount is amazing!

  2. lily neudeck says:

    WOW!That is awesome, i think that really stands out.

  3. Ak says:

    I love it! It really captures the moment of the trip.

  4. Isabelle Baldwin says:

    I really like the time adjectives used as it gives me an understanding of what the time is and when it is in the day.great recount!

  5. livvi ralph says:

    I loved reading this recount, I think it is AMAZING!
    I think it deserved to go on the blog.

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