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17 December

‘You’ve got to believe in Christmas…’

Wow, what a theatrical week Year 4 have had! With our trip to the pantomime on Monday, which we all thought was fabulous, and, of course, performing our play ‘When Sasha got Swept up the Chimney’. The children were incredible and their singing was brilliant- there are definitely some budding actors among us! The Year 4 teaching team are so proud of all of the children and it has been wonderful to see them put so much hard work and effort in to learning their lines and really bringing the show to life. We also want to thank you all for your unending support in learning the lines and creating the terrific costumes!

Well done, Year 4!


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2 Responses to “‘You’ve got to believe in Christmas…’”

  1. Edie-May says:

    It was so much fun, but when I was the only one going on stage I thought oh my gosh, but then what do you know I was fine.

  2. LA says:

    It was fabulous! Great job by all, we really enjoyed it,thank you!

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